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What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Vision Board: Dream it - Live it!

What’s the point of making a vision board? Simply put, we humans tend to be a very busy species and constantly bombarded by distractions. Creating and using vision boards serves several purposes, some of which include helping you to:

What is a Vision Board? Find Out! All About Vision Boards at"
  • Identify your vision and give it clarity.
  • Reinforce your daily affirmations.
  • Keep your attention on your intentions.

(Note that in our ultra digital age, you can also create vision boards to display on your computer screen and mobile devices. See below for a brief explanation of Vision Board Software.)

Vision Boards Help Provide Clarity

For example, to say “I want a better life” is a fine goal, but have you given serious thought to exactly what that means? Try to envision what your “better life” looks like. For those of us who find that somewhat difficult, making a vision board can be a tremendous help.

In order to create my vision board, I must actively seek images that represent specific details of this wonderful new life. That means narrowing it down to specifics.

For some, a better life might mean having a new car or home.

Others may be seeking a new relationship or improvements in existing relationships.

Doubtless you have heard it said that most of us never get what we want because we don’t know what we want. Making a vision board is a wonderful way to bring clarity to that general desire and turn it into an achievable goal.

Use a Vision Board for Your Daily Affirmations

Once you dream it, the next step is to believe it. In addition to images, vision boards can include words, phrases or sentences that affirm your intentions.

Positive Affirmations

Somehow, we must silence the mindchatter that plagues us all every minute of every waking hour. You know that little voice in your head that never shuts up, the one that supports and promotes all your limiting beliefs by repeating an endless litany of every shortcoming you could possibly have (and some you couldn’t possibly have) and every reason why you can’t or shouldn’t or won’t ever be, do or have what you really want. Affirmations are that little voice’s worst enemy.

Affirmations express who you really are, release you from those limiting beliefs, and allow you to know that the possibilities really are UNlimited.

For some great examples, check out 100 Positive Affirmations – or if the topic of your vision board relates to fitness, see our Weight Loss Affirmations.

In this moment I feel peaceful and content.I attract pleasant, positive people into my life.I am happy, joyous and free, exactly as I was born to be.

A Vision Board Keeps you Focused

Finally, another key purpose that vision boards serve is to help you stay focused. It isn’t difficult to start each day with a positive attitude – until you get out of bed.

More Positive Affirmations

How quickly that fresh “new me” attitude can sink back into oblivion beneath the tasks and challenges of everyday life. How can you possibly remain focused on any goal while people and circumstances constantly pull you in dozens of directions at once? By using a vision board, of course!

No matter what happens during your day, your vision board is a constant reminder of where you intend to be. Appealing to you on both conscious and subconscious levels, a vision board can work wonders toward keeping your mind focused on your goal, your attention on your intentions, and your life headed in the direction you choose.

What is a vision board?
It might just be the most important thing you do for yourself this year!

Make a Vision Board Right Now!

Want a super fast, easy way to get started? Use a magnetic/dry erase board! You can quickly add photos with magnets and then just write your affirmations directly on the board. This is a great way to do it because you can change or rearrange your vision board on a whim.

All you need are a good size magnetic/dry erase board, magnets, and markers. You can order all three from Amazon right now and they’ll be delivered to your door. While you’re waiting you can get started looking for pictures to use. So there ya go, no excuses!

The above introduction to vision boards only touches on the high points. Please make yourself at home here. Relax a while, explore our site, and learn lots more!

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What is Vision Board Software?

If you seriously want to take it to the next level, vision board software allows you to create vision boards for your computer, smart phone & other mobile devices, or even your own personal website. These days who isn’t a slave to a computer at work and/or a phone every waking hour? Digital vision boards can go everywhere you do. Best of all, they’re quick and easy to create. For much more info see Vision Board Software!

Thank you for visiting!

We wish you peace, joy, and abundance in every aspect of your life!

Make a Vision Board, and create the life you want!

What is a Vision Board? We have ALL the answers at
What is a Vision Board? Find Out! All About Vision Boards at
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