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Being, Doing, Having: VISION BOARDS

Vision Board Apps

Top Vision Board Apps — Instead of your traditional vision board or in addition to it, use one of these great Vision Board Apps to help kickstart your dreams and keep you focused. How much of your life do you spend with your face in your phone? I know, right. If not your phone, then… [Read More]
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Visualization Advice From a Leader in the Financial Industry

Doubtless you’ve heard lots of stories about vision boards and visualization from actors and athletes and self-improvement gurus. Guess who else is promoting this highly effective technique? In October of 2013, and article was published by one of the leading sources for all things related to finance and investing – You can read the… [Read More]
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What a Vision Board Is Not

Keeping It In (a Different) Perspective Our website includes a great page explaining what a vision board is. However, it’s also very helpful to be sure you understand what a vision board is not. Never mind the usual approach of trying to figure out the next logical step you need to take to reach some… [Read More]
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Vision Boards for your Computer

I confess that when I first heard of vision board software I wasn’t impressed. My thought was that using a vision board for my desktop wall paper would be pointless as I usually have so many windows open that I never see my wallpaper. Why bother, right? Wrong! The discovery of the Mind Movies System… [Read More]
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Success with Vision Boards: Letting Go

So many of us carry burdens of past hurts. Childhood scars, devastating life events, and even minor disappointments can keep us always dwelling in the miserable past.  Vision Boards are a wonderful tool for helping us stay focused on moving forward. Yet for some of us, the success of our vision boards may well depend… [Read More]
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Welcome Message

Learn More About Making Your Vision Board Work For You – There are endless resources available to anyone interested in using visualization techniques and all the related aspects of that topic – books, CDs, DVDs, you name it! In fact, the variety available can be overwhelming! To help narrow it down a bit, we want… [Read More]
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