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Vision Board Apps

Vision Board Apps - see our new top pick at

Top Vision Board Apps — Instead of your traditional vision board or in addition to it, use one of these great Vision Board Apps to help kickstart your dreams and keep you focused.

How much of your life do you spend with your face in your phone? I know, right. If not your phone, then you’re on a mini tablet or some other small device, so instead of letting technology keep you distracted, why not put it to work for you?

See the Top 10 Vision Board Apps at

You can come up with a million reasons to put off making a traditional vision board. How many times have you intended to start one but then said…

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t have a board, and I don’t have time to run to town and buy one.
  • I don’t read magazines any more so I don’t have any photos to use.

Sound familiar? The list can go on and on — and on — and then suddenly months have passed and you still haven’t started.

Well, here’s the solution, no more excuses and no more procrastination. A vision board app makes it easy to quickly create vision boards that go with you everywhere. Some provide built in image libraries, and if not you can use your own photos or find them on the web. This couldn’t be more convenient because you can download an app right now and have instant access to start immediately. Most of those in the list below are either completely free or very inexpensive.

Seriously, you can do this while you’re watching TV tonight, so what are you waiting for? Download an app and get going, and get your dream on! (Hint: Don’t miss our new top pick! It’s number 1 below, Subliminal Vision Boards.)

Here’s the List
(plus a few images sprinkled in to help motivate and inspire you!)

Vision Board Apps - see our new top pick at

Apps Designed Specifically for Making Vision Boards

1 Subliminal Vision Boards

(IOs and Android)

This is our top pick in vision board apps because the developers truly understand the law of attraction and are passionate about helping others. That makes all the difference.

Subliminal Vision Boards Vision Board App

This app is not at all difficult to use, but it includes a tutorial that is definitely worth watching – in addition to app instructions, the video provides helpful insight into making a vision board that will be truly meaningful and helpful to you.

The Subliminal Vision Boards app includes all the standard features such as the ability to:

  • Add images from web searches or your own library.
  • Write and customize text.
  • Add inspiring background music.

In addition to all the basics it includes pre-written affirmations that are well thought out and sorted into categories for you to easily find. Note that not everyone knows how to write really good affirmations, but these folks do!

Other outstanding features include the healing sound option and the use of advanced Subliminal Technology.

On a personal note: On Amazon I saw one person give a bad review saying the app was too hard to figure out. That comment baffles me. I own this app and find it extremely user friendly.

The Subliminal Vision Boards app costs $4.99 and is absolutely worth every penny. There are no ads and no in-app purchases, and you don’t have to spend any more on extras to get the most benefits from it. All the good stuff is included! Get it here:

Or click here to get the Android version of Subliminal Vision Boards on Amazon

2 Hay House Vision Board App

This app was created by the amazing Louise Hay, whose 90 years on earth serve as testament to the power we all have over creating a better life for ourselves. She is known as one of the founders of the self-help movement, and her books, courses and live events have helped millions of people all over the world.

The Hay House Vision Board App is free and available for both IOS and Android devices. Download at:

Get Android Version Here

Also from Hay House – Free Videos:  21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem With Mirror Work

I have the power to choose my own path. I am creating my own journey.
I have the power to choose my own path. -

3 Wishboard

(IOs only)

This app works on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and it includes a feature that allows you to search the web for images. You can customize with backgrounds, text, voice recording and music from your iTunes library.

Wishboard does not include ads or in-app purchases. It costs $3.99 and you can get it here:

Wishing you peace, joy, and abundance every day -

4 Dream Vision Board

This app includes ready made templates, symbols and affirmations in various categories, plus lots of options for fonts, colors, rotating, scaling, etc. Other tools allow you to send your finished vision board via email, MMS or social network.

About 50% of users who’ve tried the Dream Vision Board app give it a 5 star rating, but there are plenty of unhappy users too. Many complain that it isn’t user friendly, crashes a lot, and can be very confusing. It’s free but offers in app purchases:

Or click here for the Android Version of the Dream Vision Board by Astroport

Success & Abundance Quiz


(Android Only)

This app has earned an average consumer rating of 4.6. That isn’t too shabby, but be aware that the app contains ads and also offers in-app purchases. If you can tolerate that, the app allows you to add images from Google or from your own library, write affirmations, add music from your own library, and set up reminders.

The promo video for this app declares that all your dreams will come true in one month. From that one might conclude that the developers are not serious students of the law of attraction.

Yes I can! - Make it happen with a vision board -

6 VisuaLife

(IOs, Android)

Warning: As of December 2017 this app has not been updated and will not work with latest iOS versions.

Create your digital vision board using one of six built-in templates. Choose from over 50 badges, more than 450 high quality symbols of desires, and 500+ positive affirmations already written for you. All these items are organized into categories with a description and search feature. You can also use images from your own files or the web or the VisuaLife gallery to create your own symbols. You also have the option to upgrade to the paid version that includes even more symbols.

Or click here for VisuaLife for Android

Vision Board Apps - see our new top pick at

Other Apps You Can Use to Create Vision Boards

7 Corkulous Pro

(iOS only)

This is kind of fun because it’s like putting an old school bulletin board on your iPad. It was originally designed as a tool for organizing and sharing your ideas, but it can also be used to make a digital vision board. To see how it works watch the video below – in this video they are mainly using it for making things like “to do” lists, but you can see why it will also create a dream board.

This app was designed for the iPad but can also be used on iPhones. You can find it here:

I am worthy -

8 PicCollage

(IOs, Android)

This is basically another social media App, but it touts itself as an escape from Facebook and Instagram. By design it is a photo editor, but it offers themes, icons, backgrounds, and stickers, and it lets you import images from your phone, web images searches, or your social media libraries. It also includes options to make it more kid friendly, including the ability to disable photos from the web and/or to disable all social features.

This free app is available here:

Or click here to find Android version of PicCollage

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.
Imagination is everything...Albert Einstein - see more at Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

9 Bloom

(IOs only)

Use your phone’s music and image libraries to create your own personalized dream boards. Pre-created “blooms” are also available for download. You can share your blooms with friends, and also set alerts to remind you to stay focused.

This is more of a “reminder” service, and it gives you the option to participate in the “mindbloom life game”. Drawbacks to be aware of are that it offers in-app purchases, and it has not been updated past iOS 7 (as of December 2017). It’s free and can be downloaded here:

Make a vision board for better health -

* 10 * Mind Movies

(All platforms)

A note from Susan: I own and use Mind Movies, and from my personal experience I can tell you that if you are really serious about making the best digital vision board possible, this software is well worth the investment!

MindMovies is the ultimate in digital vision boards as it allows you to create a movie that includes images and affirmations and is set to music. Mind Movies isn’t cheap, but it is much more than an app. If you are serious about creating a better life, you owe it to yourself to check this out:

Read all about Mind Movies Here

Or click here to buy Mind Movies now.

What Isn’t Included in This List and Why

Vision Board Builder by Softpedia: It might be a great app, but it appears that it automatically installs AVG AntiVirus. That’s annoying, and apparently you can’t opt out and just get the Vision Board Builder. It’s possible that AVG is only an ad, but the fact that they can’t make it clear what you are and aren’t downloading got it nixed from this list.

One thing we do know (from personal experience) is that everything created by the Mind Movies team is first rate, and with no gimmicks. They offer a money back guarantee with no questions asked, but we are confident you won’t need that because when you invest in any of the Mind Movies programs you will not be disappointed!

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