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Positive Affirmations

Yes, there really is power in positive thinking! You can use it for anything from lifting your spirits to improving your entire life.

100 Positive Affirmations for
Life, Love, Family, Confidence & Happiness

Affirmation - I am joyful every day and create joy for others.

If you think that using affirmations is a waste of time, guess what? You are already using affirmations every day, pretty much all day long!

In rare moments, we actually use positive affirmations. It can happen when we successfully achieve a goal or even finish some small task. Suddenly a few little happy thoughts pop up, like “Hey, I’m really good at this!” or “Wow, I’m proud of the job I did.”.

“Man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild.” ~ James Allen

Unfortunately, those moments are the exception. Think about it. What sort of thoughts are usually running through your head? Awareness is key here. If you start paying attention, you’ll realize that the vast majority of your thoughts are negative.

That little voice in our heads can be incredibly critical. It’s a constant reminder that we aren’t good enough, ranging from slightly inept to a hopeless loser. It somehow finds a way to apply to any situation or circumstance so that we never quite measure up. Even when there is no denying that we actually succeeded at something, our inner voice will find a way to discount it so that all credit goes to someone or something else, or to just dumb luck.

Even worse, we believe all those negative thoughts. They aren’t true. In fact, they aren’t our own original thoughts. For the most part they are things that others have said to us, often in childhood. Constant criticism from parents, teachers, and others can do damage that stays with us for years. By the time we reach adulthood we have accepted those critical remarks as absolute truth. That “truth” is so ingrained in us that it has become a belief system.

Positive Thinking: I am smart enough, strong enough ... I am enough!

Positive affirmations are a way of changing that false belief system. Some will argue that this won’t work because you can’t just shout down those negative thoughts, but they misunderstand. The point is not to get into a mental screaming match with yourself, nor is it to deny they exist – quite the contrary!

The purpose of positive affirmations is to raise your awareness, and to question and challenge the negative. It’s about learning to stop letting your head run on autopilot and accepting every bad thought as some kind of gospel. It’s about listening to yourself and realizing that, oh my gosh, that garbage isn’t even true!

Positive affirmations help you stop being so judgmental of yourself, and they can also help pull you out of the gutter of gloom. The Mayo Clinic even recommends positive affirmations as one method of reducing stress and improving your health.

It’s easy to get stuck focusing on problems, and when that happens we remain blinded to solutions. We have made the final decision that there is no solution. Period. With such a closed mind, the solution could show up on our doorstep and we wouldn’t even see it.

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

If we choose to focus on the positive instead, we are at least leaving a window open. We’re allowing ourselves to believe that maybe we don’t have all the answers yet, and maybe possibilities do exist. We are letting down our walls of resistance, and when that solution does show up we’ll recognize it at once. We won’t even be surprised because, after all, we knew it was coming.

Positive Affirmations You Can Start Using Today!

Are you ready to write your own affirmations? Good, power to you! Before you begin, be sure to check out our Positive Affirmation Tips below!

If you prefer get started right this instant, here’s a ready-made list of positive affirmations, in both words and pictures. (Scroll down to see them all, or click a link to skip ahead.) Make a list to carry with you, or find out how to make a quick & easy Affirmation Board.

Take me straight to Positive Affirmations for:
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Positive Thinking: Positive Affirmations for Life - see more at

Positive Affirmations for Life

  1. In this moment I feel peaceful and content.
  2. I am worthy of all the best life has to offer.
  3. I release all resistance to feeling good.
  4. Even in the midst of chaos I can always maintain my inner peace.
  5. I am always free to choose, and today I choose happiness.
  6. I am open to new and exciting possibilities.
  7. I attract pleasant, positive people into my life.
  8. I am enjoying the life I’m living.
  9. I have fun and laugh every day.
  10. I experience joy and create joy for others.
  11. Each morning I wake up feeling enthusiastic about the day ahead.
  12. Each night I go to sleep feeling fulfilled, thankful, and peaceful.
  13. I always look for the good in everyone around me.
  14. I appreciate all the positive people in my life.
  15. I have wonderful friends, and we all help and support each other.
  16. I feel healthy, fit, and strong.
  17. I have abundant energy.
  18. I effortlessly attract health, wealth, happiness, and love.
  19. My joyful, peaceful energy is a blessing to those around me.
  20. I am happy, joyous and free, exactly as I was born to be.
Positive Thinking: 100 Positive Affirmations for Love, Life, Family, Confidence, Success - see more at

Positive Affirmations for Love

  1. I let go of all fear, resistance, and barriers to love.
  2. I love myself as I love others.
  3. I am worthy of all the love the universe has to offer me.
  4. I enjoy loving relationships with my friends and my family members.
  5. My heart is open to all the love that surrounds me.
  6. Love fills my life in abundance every day.
  7. I know the joy of giving and receiving unconditional love.
  8. I am attracting more and more loving relationships into my life.
  9. As I seek the love of my life, the love of my life is seeking me.
  10. I am grateful for the love and romance that I am attracting.
  11. I think, speak, and act from the place within me that is love.
  12. The more love I give, the more I receive.
  13. I am spending time with a person who accepts me just as I am.
  14. My new partner and I enjoy laughing together and finding new ways to have fun.
  15. My new partner and I know the joy of mutual love, trust, and respect.
  16. I welcome the passion and romance flowing into my life.
  17. Emotional intimacy is a natural, daily part of my relationship.
  18. All conflict in my relationship is resolved calmly and respectfully.
  19. I have healthy boundaries, and I feel safe and secure.
  20. Every day my relationship grows stronger, and our love grows deeper.
  21. I am blessed with a partner who is truly my soul mate.
Positive Thinking: Positive Affirmations for Family - see more at

Positive Affirmations for Family

  1. I accept me just as I am.
  2. I am a loving, compassionate, and giving person.
  3. I am worthy, and my heart is open to receiving love.
  4. I forgive myself and others fully and completely.
  5. I peacefully let go of past thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me.
  6. I see my family through the eyes of love.
  7. I am grateful for every member of my family.
  8. I accept my family members just as they are.
  9. I am grateful that my family accepts me for who I am.
  10. Every day I send the energy of love, light, and happiness to each member of my family.
  11. All the relationships in my life are blessed with healing love.
  12. In the presence of my family I feel safe, peaceful, and content.
  13. My family and I communicate with each other freely and openly.
  14. My family members always respond to each other’s concerns with compassion and support.
  15. I love my children unconditionally.
  16. I tell my children I love them and show them through my actions.
  17. I am a patient, understanding, and supportive parent.
  18. I empower my children by being a positive role model.
  19. I delight in each little joy my children share with me.
  20. My children are happy, healthy, and thriving.
Positive Thinking: Positive Affirmations for Confidence - see more at

Positive Affirmations for Confidence

  1. I let go of all urges to criticize myself.
  2. I accept me and approve of me exactly as I am.
  3. I have a good mind, a kind heart, and a gentle spirit.
  4. I believe in myself.
  5. I am strong, confident, and powerful.
  6. I am a beautiful human being, inside and out.
  7. I am intelligent, capable, and competent.
  8. I see each new challenge as an opportunity to grow.
  9. I trust myself, and I make decisions with ease and confidence.
  10. I am free from all negative beliefs from my past.
  11. I am learning to step out of my comfort zone without fear.
  12. I have the courage to live in the truth of who I am.
  13. I am completely open to new experiences.
  14. I recognize mistakes as stepping stones to learning and honing my skills.
  15. My energy and enthusiasm for life increases every day.
  16. I have faith in myself and trust my inner wisdom to guide me.
  17. My self-confidence brings out the best in me and in everyone around me.
  18. I am reaping the rewards of living life to the fullest.
Affirmations for Happiness -

Positive Affirmations for Happiness

  1. Every day I have the power to choose, and today I choose to be happy.
  2. Feelings of happiness and serenity come naturally to me.
  3. Even in the midst of chaos I can find reasons to feel happiness and gratitude.
  4. I let go of all resentment and peacefully welcome the happiness that takes its place.
  5. Each morning I smile and welcome more happiness into my life.
  6. Each night I smile and feel deep appreciation for all the happy experiences of the day.
  7. Anywhere, any time, I can always choose peace and tranquility.
  8. I release all negative thoughts and focus on positive, productive thinking.
  9. With a simple smile, I have the power to create happiness for myself and others.
  10. Every day I make time for the things that bring happiness to me and my loved ones.
  11. I am grateful for all the people in my life who share their happiness with me.
  12. I view life honestly and realistically and still maintain a positive attitude.
  13. I am focused on enjoying life, and I find happiness everywhere I look.
  14. My happiness has a positive impact on everyone that I know and meet.
  15. I am worthy of all the good life has to offer, and I deserve to feel happy and content.
  16. Everywhere I go, I experience happiness in mind, body, and spirit.
  17. My heart is open to love, kindness, and the bliss of being genuinely happy.
  18. I always look for the best in others, and happy people are drawn to me.
  19. Happiness flows through my being like a beautiful, gentle stream.
  20. Choosing happiness empowers me to be the best person I can be.
Every day I have the power to choose, and today I choose happiness -
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Positive Affirmation Tips

Writing your very own positive affirmations is a wonderful idea because you can make them completely personal. You can be precise and address exactly what is most important to you at this point in your life.

As you create your list of affirmations, here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

I’m not overweight. – No!
I am slim! – Yes!

I will be healthy. – No!
I am healthy! – Yes!

How do you speak and think? Use words that sound right and feel right to you!
I am happy or I’m happy or I’m good!

To make your words more effective, be sure to check out Vision Board Affirmations. You’ll find some additional information there, plus a fun way to discover more about yourself and focus on what you really want.

Positive Affirmations: I am intelligent, capable, and confident. Positive Affirmations: I step out of my comfort zone without fear. Positive affirmations: I have abundant energy.
Positive Affirmations: I am peaceful and content. Positive Thinking: Keep Your Positive Affirmations Positive - find out more at I am strong - Positive Affirmations -

I appreciate positive people - Positive Affirmations -

I feel healthy - Positive Affirmations -

Feelings of happiness and serenity come naturally to me.

I am worthy of everything good in life. I deserve to be happy.

I release all negative thoughts and focus on positive, productive thinking.

I am learning to step out of my comfort zone without fear.

I accept me just as I am - Positive Affirmations -

Make A Vision Board wishes you
peace, joy, and abundance in every aspect of your life.
Thank you for visiting. Please come again soon!

Positive Affirmations - for Life, Love, Family, Confidence & Happiness at
100 Positive Affirmations -
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  1. Great website…I think that it is great for kids who are being bullied, like my grandson…we read together and he really talk about how positive words can make anyone feel good. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words! I agree that this is all so important for kids (wish I had known about affirmations back during my difficult growing up years). If you haven’t already seen it, you might be interested in our info on Gratitude Boards for Kids. It’s another way to help kids express themselves, raise their awareness, and learn about focusing on the positive. Also, it doesn’t have to be done in pictures. With a dry erase board, you can let them (or help them) write their gratitude statements and affirmations, and make changes as often as they like depending on what’s going on in their lives.

      It’s so nice to hear about wonderful grandparents like you. Personally, I believe that we all have the power to change the world. As individuals, we can start at home and find ways to make our own little corners of the world a better place. You’re doing just that, thank you!


  2. I just read a couple of these positive quotes and it made me feel better. I’m going to share it with my daughter and at work.

  3. Thank you for these positive affirmations. As I prepare my vision board these quotes gave me a life changing thought. Thank you for helping me to realize how important it is to be positive and real.

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