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Being, Doing, Having: PERSONAL GROWTH

Personal Growth Resources: Meet the Masters

Whether you’ve landed on this page because you’re about to embark on a journey of personal growth and development, or because you’ve already begun, congratulations! Fortunately, you’ll find literally hundreds of extremely valuable resources, including everything from books and DVDs to self-growth programs and personal life coaching. Unfortunately, deciding where to start can be a… [Read More]
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Meet John Assaraf

“Not only can you change your brain dramatically, but it is designed specifically for you to be able to do exactly that. We are structured so that we can grow our creativity, intelligence, and capacity for achievement throughout our lives.” — John Assaraf, The Answer You’re probably familiar with John Assaraf as an internationally known… [Read More]
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Meet Guy Finley: The Letting Go Guru!

In his classic book “The Secret of Letting Go” Guy Finley says: “Before we can deal with — and do away with — the negative effect of any self-limiting illusion, we must first see through and release ourselves from the false perception that’s responsible for it.” So many of us carry burdens of past hurts…. [Read More]
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