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Meet John Assaraf

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“Not only can you change your brain dramatically, but it is designed specifically for you to be able to do exactly that. We are structured so that we can grow our creativity, intelligence, and capacity for achievement throughout our lives.” — John Assaraf, The Answer

You’re probably familiar with John Assaraf as an internationally known speaker, but do you know anything about his early years? We begin with some background info because understanding where he came from helps explain why he is so passionate about his work, and so good at helping others.

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John Assaraf Bio

Born in 1961, John Assaraf spent his early years in Tel Aviv, Israel, where it was anything but peaceful. When he was 6, his family moved to Montreal, Canada, and there he faced all sorts of new challenges.

He had a tough time learning to speak both French and English and quickly became the target of bullies. Math and English were a struggle for him. Making friends was even harder. By the time he became a teenager his self-esteem was at rock bottom, and his only friends were thugs and trouble makers.

He was a regular in the school principal’s office, but that was nothing compared to the beatings he got at home because of his bad behavior. It was a loving family, but his hot-tempered father was a taxi driver, and every time he got called to the school meant lost time picking up fares. He dealt with is anger by taking it out on his son, physically. (John tells the story of his childhood in more detail in his book “Having It All”.)

On the positive side, John did excel at sports, and it was his athletic skills that helped lure him away from the bad crowd he’d been hanging with. Yet even as he escaped the street gangs and worked a part-time job, he was two different people – the polite kid from a respectable family who worked at the local pharmacy; and, to quote him, “…a lying, stealing idiot with low self-esteem, almost no morals and the skills of a hard-boiled egg.”

His turning point occurred at age 19 when he decided he couldn’t keep living a dual life, and he chose to pursue what he thought would give him a better life. He was broke, jobless, and hadn’t finished his last year of high school, but he moved to Toronto where his brother lived.

Fortunately for him, he met a wise businessman who was a good influence. He had to borrow money, but he took a real estate course and got his license. It was the first time in his life he’d ever achieved anything on his own and without cheating, and the first time in his life that he was actually proud of himself.

John Assaraf - Whatever you focus on you create -

From his own personal experience, John learned that no matter what has happened, we really do have the power to change ourselves. He believes in the power of God, and he has a passion for brain research, quantum physics, and spiritual growth.

Over time he has grown five multimillion dollar companies that include real estate, software, brain research, and life/business coaching. He’s also a best selling author, coach, consultant, speaker, and he’s appeared in movies such as The Secret and TV shows such as Anderson Cooper 360 and Larry King Live.

Clearly, this isn’t a man who got where he is because he was born into privilege or had opportunities fall into his lap. Things could well have turned out much differently. In fact, the teachers he had early in life would have been far more likely to bet that he’d end up in prison than achieving even a minimal level of success.

Imagine, that troubled kid has become internationally known as a leader in his field. While he enjoys the lifestyle of the ultra rich now, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from, and his mission is to help others.

Today he researches, writes, and lectures all over the world on the neuroscience of success and achieving maximum performance. Quite appropriately, he calls himself the poster child for how dramatically your life can change once you learn to master your mindset.

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Money Consciousness

Money and Your Brain – the Secret Affair

Imagine that your yearly income was your monthly income. If you can’t get your head around that, there is only one problem:

Your Brain’s Relationship With Money Is Flawed!

The good news is, there IS a solution to WIN THE INNER GAME OF MONEY.

John Assaraf Brain-a-thon

It’s a unique brain re-training system that was created by John Assaraf and based on years of research on positive psychology, brain science, and cutting edge technology.

In this fascinating training, John Assaraf reveals some of the major principles of this science. The live event happens only once a year, but fortunately the replay is still available for a limited time. Here’s some of what you’ll experience in it:

  • A powerful, guided “Neuro Retraining” Meditation – Meditation backed by the latest science that utilizes cutting-­edge mix of brainwave entrainment, creative visualisation, NLP, hypnosis, subliminals – and more – to rapidly reprogram some of your deep subconscious money beliefs.
  • Amazing new Neuroscience insights that can grow your income 200-300%.
  • The opportunity to master the Inner Game of Financial Success by re-training your brain to “install” beliefs and habits of the world’s highest achievers.
  • The strange implications of a recent scientific study with the Dalai Lama’s Monks that revealed the highest vibration frequency in the known universe.

There is SO much more, and it won’t cost you a thing. It’s 100% complimentary.

You can still take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. For a limited time, the replay will be available for free, and you can pick the day and time that will work best for you. Go here to register: :

Click here to watch the replay while it’s still available.

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Courses & Books by John Assaraf

More Excellent Resources To Help You Achieve Your Highest Potential

Winning the Game of Weight Loss

It’s all in your mind. Seriously. No matter what you do – eat less, exercise more, cut carbs, count fat grams, you name it – in order to lose weight you have to get your head in the game.

How many times have you gone on a diet and either it didn’t work at all, or it worked great but then you gained back all the weight you lost? Most of us have done that many times over the years, and it’s frustrating and discouraging.

The solution lies in our own mental and emotional blocks. To successfully lose weight and keep it off, we have to overcome those obstacles, and John Assaraf can help you do that with his free Winning the Game of Weight Loss webinar.

If you’ve tried and failed at dieting and are tired of the struggle, take advantage of this excellent free offer. Register for this completely free webinar and discover how to finally achieve your weight loss goals:

Click here to register for the FREE Winning the Game of Weight Loss Webinar

Winning the Game of Fear Webinar

Whether you like it or not, whether you admit it, whether you even realize it, fear holds you back. It may be fear of failure or success or poverty or loneliness or humiliation, or countless other deep, underlying fears that nag at you and keep you feeling less than.

You know the feeling. It’s those dreaded thoughts and feelings that well up inside when you even consider doing something outside your comfort zone.

Most of us try to “deal” with fear using habits and patterns we’ve established over the years. The bad news is that it doesn’t work. The good news is that you can kick fear out of your life for good.

Register now for this special broadcast, and break your inner fears forever!

Having It All – Free Video Series

“Science Has Recently Uncovered An Amazing “Million-Dollar” Solution That Will Allow You To Achieve Your Life-Long Goals faster and easier than ever before.” ~ John Assaraf

How would you like to achieve your life-long goals faster and easier? This free video series is designed to help you whether you’re looking for help with goals related to finances, emotions, relationships, or some other aspect of your life.

  • Spend just a few minutes a day and speed up your goals.
  • Maintain focus – keep your goals fully aligned with your deepest values and beliefs.
  • Do more in less time – achieve more with less effort and less stress!

Click here now to access the Having It All Free Video Series!

John Assaraf Books
  • “The Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life”
  • “The Complete Vision Board Kit: Using the Power of Intention and Visualization to Achieve Your Dreams”
  • “Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams”
  • “The Street Kid’s Guide to Having It All”

All of the above books are available from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle edition or both. Click here to see these John Assaraf Books on Amazon.

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John Assaraf Quotes

Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to invoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that’s the law of attraction. You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most. [from “The Secret”]

(If the concept of this universal law is new to you, see What is the Law of Attraction?)

Here’s the problem. Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re wondering why it shows up over and over again.” [from “The Secret”]

95% of what we knew about success 3 years ago is now obsolete.

If you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient; if you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.

Check out the Free Training from John Assaraf

One size does NOT fit all! Click the image below to see the free trainings offered by John Assaraf (Neurogym) and choose the best fit for you.

John Assaraf Free Training -
ALERT: This must-see FREE special begins this week. CLICK IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE (IT’S FREE!)
John Assaraf - Find out more about Brain Awareness Week, an awesome FREE event!
ALERT: This must-see FREE special begins this week. CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE (IT’S FREE!)
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