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Being, Doing, Having: HAPPINESS

Good Mood Food

Is good mood food for real? — Absolutely! The science may not yet be 100% conclusive, but there is certainly evidence to suggest that what we eat can have a significant impact on our moods.

Researchers tell us that there may be specific benefits from the nutrients in certain foods. That’s Read more…

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Science of Happiness

Positive thinking concepts date back to ancient times, but the field of positive psychology is relatively new. Throughout much of modern history, psychology has been hyperfocused on flaws, frailties and failings of humans. Studies and experiments were conducted to examine how sadly broken we human beings are, and how we might possibly be repaired. Finally,… [Read More]
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What Makes People Happy?

What makes people want to clap their hands? What makes someone feel like a room without a roof? If that doesn’t sound familiar, then you haven’t heard the Pharrell Williams song “Happy”. The upbeat melody is addictive, and just hearing it will lift your spirits. It’s the perfect mood music for an article about what… [Read More]
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Happiest Country on Earth

In recent years we can turn to the World Happiness Report for a list of the happiest countries on earth. The report is published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and it is written by independent experts in the fields of psychology, economics, neuroscience, statistical analysis, and more. The origins go back to… [Read More]
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Being Happy

Philosophers debate the true meaning of being happy, scientists study it, and organizations collect data to create a happiness index. Thousands of books have been written on everything from defining it to understanding it to pursuing and achieving it. For a more serious read you can check out “What is Happiness?” or learn about the… [Read More]
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What is Happiness?

Is happiness a destination, or a journey? Is it a fleeting moment in time, or a permanent state of being? Is it internal or external? Is it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual? Is it about being, doing, or having?

Most of us would simply say that we know happiness when we … Read more…

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