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Being, Doing, Having

What is Happiness?

Is happiness a destination, or a journey? Is it a fleeting moment in time, or a permanent state of being? Is it internal or external? Is it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual? Is it about being, doing, or having?

Most of us would simply say that we know happiness when we … Read more…

Good Mood Food

Is good mood food for real? — Absolutely! The science may not yet be 100% conclusive, but there is certainly evidence to suggest that what we eat can have a significant impact on our moods.

Researchers tell us that there may be specific benefits from the nutrients in certain foods. That’s Read more…

Mind Body Spirit Gift Ideas

Because really … no matter how crazy busy the days get, no matter how stressed out you get, the season is actually all about peace. Here are some nice ways to give others a moment of peace, and hopefully these ideas might also remind you to relax and seek out moments to enjoy. Read more…

Affirmations for Success

SUCCESS the accomplishment of an aim or purpose
AFFIRMATION the assertion that something exists or is true

Those two definitions sum up both the how and the why of using affirmations for success. The “how” part is simple enough – use present tense, and state what you are affirming as if it is already true.

The “why” gets more complicated, but the purpose in using success affirmations is based on a maxim you’ve probably heard before …[Read More]

Affirmation Board

Attention busy people (and, um, you chronic procrastinators…) – No more excuses please, because here’s one type of vision board that’s very effective yet super quick & easy to make. It’s an affirmation board, and you can create one in a few minutes using whatever you have on hand. Read on to find out how,… [Read More]

Vision Board Affirmations

Get it at Amazon(or read more about it below) The pictures you choose for your vision board are important, but so are the words. In fact, when you can’t find just the right photos to use, then vision board affirmations are the perfect alternative. You can use anything you can find or create that works… [Read More]

What Past Experience is Still Controlling You?

Brain studies have proven that childhood experiences make a lasting imprint on the subconscious mind. That includes things that we witness or hear about, people and circumstances that we encounter, and everything we are told by others. All of that becomes so deeply ingrained that even when we aren’t aware of it, those deep impressions… [Read More]