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Attention busy people (and, um, you chronic procrastinators…) – No more excuses please, because here’s one type of vision board that’s very effective yet super quick & easy to make. It’s an affirmation board, and you can create one in a few minutes using whatever you have on hand. Read on to find out how, and to learn why you’ll want to get started using this powerful tool right away!

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What is an Affirmation Board?

An affirmation board consists of any kind of personal affirmations placed on any kind of board. In fact, you don’t even need a board because you can put sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, and you’ve got yourself an affirmation board.

The wording you use is also entirely up to you. You can use:

  • statements in complete sentences
  • meaningful phrases
  • single power words
  • any combination of the above

Your affirmations can be hand-written, typed and printed out, or clipped from magazines.

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Pictured at right is one simple example, but you’ll find lots more ideas and options below under How to Make Affirmations Boards”.

Like vision or dream boards, an affirmation board is a mindfulness tool. Every waking moment we are bombarded with all the various distractions of daily living. No wonder we get so caught up in the tasks at hand that we keep losing touch with who we really are and what we really want to be, do, or have.

The main purpose of an affirmation board is to help you maintain a higher level of self awareness and focus on positive thoughts that reinforce your desires and intentions.

Creating your affirmation board helps enhance your clarity because the process itself makes you think. Choosing what you wish to affirm encourages you to get better in touch with what you value most. Finding words to express your desires helps you get clearer on exactly what you wish to accomplish.

Another benefit of a board with only affirmations is that sometimes it’s difficult to find pictures that resonate with you. This can be especially true when you’re working on a personal growth topic such as self-confidence. There are times when it’s far easier to use words than to find pictures that convey a concept you want to focus on.

Looking at your affirmation board throughout the day can also rescue you. Have you ever noticed how one negative thought seems to lead to another? Next thing you know, your mind is reliving some unpleasant experience, retelling some familiar story that drags you down or stresses you out. When you find yourself dwelling on thoughts that are unhelpful or even destructive, your affirmation board can serve as a wake up call. It’s a handy reminder to pull yourself back from the abyss into the present moment. Instead of being a slave to random thoughts, you suddenly remember you can choose better thoughts!

Affirmation Board Topics

Make your affirmation board for whatever serves you best at the moment. If you have a specific idea in mind that’s great, but you can also choose a general purpose such as boosting your self-confidence or lifting your spirits. The possibilities are endless, and here are a few that you might consider:

  • Personal Goal, New Habit, Lifestyle Change
  • Love, Romance, Marriage
  • Gratitude, Being Happy, Peacefulness
  • College Class, Training Program, Learning a New Skill
  • Increased Wealth, Debt Reduction, Financial Freedom
  • Promotion, New Job, Career Change
  • Success in Business, Specific Work Projects, Office Team Work
  • Healthy Lifestyle, Weight Loss, Physical Fitness
  • Dream Vacation, Weekend Getaway, Afternoon Off Work
  • Relationships with Family, Friends, Coworkers
  • Bucket List (all of it or only your top priority items)
  • Material Things (you name it – luxury yacht, new toaster, Lamborghini, hammock)

For one other example, let’s say you’ve been anxiously hoping to meet a wonderful romantic partner, but so far your only experiences involved uninteresting people and a few bad blind dates. Unfortunately, it’s easy to start entertaining negative thoughts. You mentally beat up on yourself, maybe even call yourself a complete failure and total loser.

Will an affirmation board change all that? You won’t know until you try, and it certainly can’t hurt to use your self-talk to treat yourself with a little more kindness and respect. At the very least, isn’t life much more pleasant when we keep an open mind and focus on positive thoughts?

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How to Make Affirmations Boards

This is one creation process that couldn’t be easier because you have so many options. You can buy the kind of board you prefer or use something you have. Consider these ideas:

  • Chalk Board or Dry Erase Board – Hand write your affirmations using chalk or markers. Use a variety of colors to liven it up or tone it down, whatever appeals to you. Sticky notes work pretty well on either, and magnets will work on some dry erase boards. (Some dry erase boards are not magnetic, so check that before you buy.)
  • Cork Board – Clip out affirmations you find in magazines, or write them on scraps of paper. If you prefer a very neat look, type up what you want, print it out and cut nice even edges. Attach with pushpins or thumbtacks. Sticky notes work okay on cork for a while, but over time the glue on the back dries out and they fall off.
  • Mirror – Opportunities here range from crude to fancy. Write on your bathroom mirror with lipstick, or use markers to write affirmations on your full-length bedroom mirror. You can also buy a wall mirror in a fancy frame. Those can get rather pricey, but if you have a local Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge, they have great sales quite often. You also might get lucky at a yard sale.
  • Cardboard, Posterboard, Wooden Board – You can purchase posterboard at Walmart or any hobby store, but if you have kids you probably have it left over from the last school science project. The point here is to use whatever you can find around the house, like the side of a big cardboard box. What’s in your garage? With a little imagination you might convert even a scrap of paneling or sheet rock into exactly what you need. Depending on what you choose, any of the above ideas for adding affirmations could work (with the probable exception of magnets.)
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Above you saw an example of affirmations quickly written on a chalk board. The photo at right shows how you might use simple power words instead, in this case using sticky notes on a cork board.

As mentioned before, the only problem with sticky notes on cork is that after a while they tend to fall off. Still, sticky notes are a great choice because they come in so many sizes and great colors. You can always use pushpins, thumbtacks, or even straight pins to make sure they stay put.

Where to Find Affirmations

Needless to say, the first place to look is right here on the Make A Vision Board site! Check out: 100 Positive Affirmations and Weight Loss Affirmations

There are also dozens and dozens of other great sources on the web. Do a search for “positive affirmations” and you’ll come up with a huge number of choices. One personal favorite is 10 Powerful Affirmations That Can Change Your Life. Underneath the list you’ll find a brief explanation of each one, which gives you a better understanding (which might help a little if you want to rewrite these affirmations to personalize them).

One other excellent resource is our “Positive Affirmations Journal”. It’s designed to help you dig deep into your thoughts to better understand what’s going on in your head, but it’s not your typical interactive journal. The writing prompts were created to inspire both serious thinking and crazy fun imagination. It isn’t just a journal, it’s an adventure! You can read more about it in this article , or click here to see it on Amazon.

Go For It!

If you don’t already have a topic idea, take another look at the list above. Maybe there is something you could you be or do or have that would make your life more enjoyable. Maybe you tend to let negative thinking patterns dominate your mind.

Your thoughts are your choice, so why not use a little tool that can help you make better choices?

Go ahead, make your own unique affirmation board and see what happens. You might at least enjoy a better attitude, or you might be in for a delightful surprise!

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